“The transformation in my home is astonishing. Sabine’s work is brilliant and inspired.”

~ E. Neiman

“Since Sabine dowsed our house, I have been feeling a sense of peace and strengh. I am able without much efforts to put things aside and not let them affect me. I also have seen a difference in my son who has autism, he seems physically and mentally less restless and scattered. I am looking forward to continuing the dowsing process of our house and to creating a more harmonious environment for my family.”

~ Jacqueline Landais

“When my home was dowsed it felt energetically like it took a huge “exhale”… and just went “ahhhhhhhh”…!!! I felt like so much was released or opened… I myself also went into an incredible space of clearing out… I was in cupboards I hadn’t even gone into in YEARS!! I am sure it all came from the dowsing… Thank you Sabine!!”

~ Vanessa Ryder

“After my home was dowsed by Sabine, I found more focus in my work. I’m experiencing renewed motivation and clarity of direction. Highly recommended. Thanks Sabine!”

~ Sheila, screenwriter

“After Sabine dowsed my house, it felt lighter and “cleaner”. Daily tasks feel less like a chore now and it is easier for me to keep the house organized. I feel very luck to have found somebody who has this knowledge.”

~ Anja, Pre-natal yoga teacher

“Sabine is highly professional and does her work with integrity always checking and confirming that the work she did is accurate. She came to my house and cleared two major negative vortex one in the kitchen and one in the family room. She was also able to increase the positive vortex in my home office. I am thrilled that the energy level of my house is now aligned with my big vision for my life as a mom a wife and a heart centered entrepreneur. I highly recommend her services.”

~ Christine Lewicki, certified career and business coach

“The biggest difference so far in my house is in my home office. My boyfriend and step daughter both realized that for years they have been walking in a big circle around through the dining room and kitchen when they needed to get to the laundry room, thus avoiding walking through my home office. Now they just walk right through. I also found a weight lifted off me when I am in there working. I was able to finish a project in a few hours that I had put off finishing for a year and a half. Sabine also dowsed my clinic office. The difference in feel is astounding, at least to me.”

~ Diane, Acupuncturist

“My kids and I felt the difference right away after Sabine dowsed our house. I can feel serenity, a feeling of flowing energy that was not there before. I feel stronger. The most remarkable to me is that my kids are noticing the change as well. They still argue but without the electric tension and aggressiveness of before. I highly recommend dowsing for negative earth energies to everyone.”

~ Nathalie, Academic adviser and program administrator of VATEL

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