About Sabine

Sabine d'HerbécourtSabine d’Herbécourt

Sabine d’Herbécourt is a certified diamond dowser and a member of the American Dowser Association. She received her credentials from the Marie Diamond Quantum University and trained with Master Dowser Annette Rugolo, Vice President of Marie Diamond International. Sabine is currently working towards getting her certification for Diamond Feng Shui.

Thanks to the teachings of Marie Diamond and Annette Rugolo, Sabine became aware of how our environment impacts us and contributes to our well-being or our dis-ease. She embraced this new, yet ancestral, practice of dowsing for negative earth rays to heal homes or offices from geomagnetic pollution and environmental energies or interferences. Part of her practice is to do space clearing to clear stagnant energy.

Her mission is to raise the energy level of her client’s environment and contribute to their well being so they may thrive in every area of their life. Her clients say that healing their space from environmental energies and clearing their space with Sabine has made their living environment peaceful and uplifting allowing them to put their energy into manifesting their dreams and creating their success.

Sabine has clients around the globe from California to Canada, France, Iran and Lebanon with numerous cities in between. She does in-person consultations by referral only in Los Angeles and within her travel destinations in Europe and the Middle East. But Sabine also extends her skills to distance consultations for out-of-state clients or everyone concerned with their well being and their finances. She believes everyone should benefit from this ancestral knowledge.

Email sabine@zenifyyourhome.com to find out more about how she can help you create an enlightened space in your home or your office.

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